creative writing

Creative Writing Workshop in English – How to write a short story

This is an online Creative Writing course in English, so knowing English at a high level is a must, if you want to attend it. The course will take place over five online sessions and its final goal will be the publication on Amazon Kindle and other platforms of a collection of short stories, with [...]

Introduction to Candomblé, Voodoo and Santería

This is an introductory course about the three main synergistic African-origin religions in the New World. Although they all originated in Africa, all three religions contain prominent elements derived from other sources, such as Catholicism, Native American religion and even European renaissance [...]
norse mythology course

Introduction to Norse Mythology – Online course

Tickets available on  This mythology course is an introduction to the universe of the Old Norse religion. You have probably heard about some of the Old Norse gods such as Odin, Freja and Thor. These gods have been popularised in works such as Marvel’s Thor movies and Neil [...]