Looking for fun, creative, interesting things to do in Bucharest? Like smart workshops or guided tours in English? Well, you`ve found us! :)

We are an independent cultural foundation that organizes a variety of events: historical guided tours, arts and cultural workshops in Bucharest, Romania. If you want to learn how to paint and draw, polish your creative writing or communication skills or just relax… here is the place to be.

More than ten years ago, in 2009, we were the first to come up with an offer of guided tours around the historical areas of Bucharest: Calea Victoriei, The Old Town, Kiseleff Boulevard, Ioanid Park and surroundings. We kept up the good work so now we have more than 15 different tours offers, in or around Bucharest, in English or in French. Our tours are performed by young historians, professionals with a vast experience as guides.

Here you can find some of the English workshops or tours we organize on a regular basis. For special events such as workshops for small or larger groups of friends or work colleagues, please write us at corporate@victoriei.ro.

communication in english

Effective Communication in English

We often ask ourselves why our message was misunderstood, how to properly communicate to get the desired outcome, and what to say to be closer to solving problems. Effective Communication in English workshop explores a sum of NLP principles and techniques which are proven to help you improve your [...]

How to deal with conflict by learning relational mediation skills

This is a course in English, so being fluent in English is a must, if you want to attend it.  Conflict makes us feel stuck.  We can’t believe that the other person is behaving this way and we’re frustrated that nothing we do or say seems to help. Being in a state of conflict affects both [...]
creative writing

Creative Writing Workshop in English – How to write a short story, din 14 septembrie 2020

Cu o zi înainte de începerea cursului, toți cei înscriși (taxa achitată) vor primi  un link, cu ajutorul căruia să acceseze cursul și instrucțiunile de conectare la Zoom. This is a Creative Writing course in English, so knowing English at a high level is a must, if you want to attend [...]
presentation skills workshop in english

Presentation Skills in English

DE CE? Vă sperie vorbitul în public? Vi s-a întâmplat să faceți o prezentare în limba engleză și să nu vă găsiți cuvintele? Ați fost vreodată în situația în care mesajul vostru nu a fost clar sau cei din public nu v-au ascultat până la sfârșit? Vreți să dați răspunsuri [...]
mitologie nordica

Introduction to Norse Mythology

This course is an introduction to the universe of the Old Norse religion. You have probably heard about some of the Old Norse gods such as Odin, Freja and Thor. These gods have been popularised in works such as Marvel’s Thor movies and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, where the mentor, Wednesday, [...]