LEARNING for the FUTURE – tutoring for chidren from underserved communities

‘Learning for the Future’ is a programme launched in the autumn of 2021, by Fundatia Calea Victoriei, which offers private tutoring individually or in groups to children from underserved communities, disatvantaged groups and orphans who wish to continue their studies in optimal academic conditions or who wish to continue their higher education in different fields.

The recent COVID crisis has engendered a rise in school drop-out due to the difficulties children have had to face as regards following the school curriculum online, and also, in certain cases, due to the impossibility of parental or teacher’s support in the learning process.

Additionally, the educational system of Romania is undergoing a serious crisis that is affecting all children; nonetheless, children lacking material resources are the ones mainly affected, since the completion or sustainment of an academic education can oftentimes become difficult or even impossible.

This means that the subjects, the abilities which are not acquired at school do not benefit from consolidation or subsequent explanation, leading to high school graduates gravely unprepared in terms of communication, writing, reading, the capability of adapting to society, the mastering of certain essential capacities as far as applying for a job is concerned and starting a mature, independent life.

The subjects and abilities that will be covered through the means of the tutoring sessions afforded by the programme LEARNING FOR THE FUTURE are English language, Romanian, digital education, humanistic fields, self-esteem related courses, the capacity of individual learning, of informing oneself, and subjects that will add to their evolution like public speaking, communication skills, emotional intelligence etc.

Fundaţia Calea Victoriei 2007 is a cultural independent institution that organises a wide variety of interactive workshops and events in humanistic and cultural fields for children, teenagers and adults.

We are considered by many intellectuals collaborating with us and teaching various topics, an alternative academy that offers to all interested people the kind of valuable information, applied learning and support in personal research that often is missing from the state educational system, be it school or faculty.

We inspire people of all ages through arts and cultural classes and we support talented youths that intend to make humanistic studies. We succeeded in becoming in these 14 years, in Bucharest and other areas in the country, as well as among Romanian diaspora communities (via on-line courses, in the last 2 years), a pioneering institution as far as alternative education and continuing education for all ages is concerned.

More than 100 researchers, artists and professors collaborated with our foundation in these 14 years of activity, thus developing their skills and offering to the general public courses, lectures and workshops that cover the following topics and domains: anthropology, archeology, theatre and acting classes, cinema and script writing, visual arts – practical classes and theory of art, astronomy, history and civilisation (Romanian, European or covering other continents and various topics), interior design and architecture, psychology and self-development, philosophy, diplomacy and international relations, fashion and beauty, classical music and concertos, creative writing and journalism, spirituality and history of religion, meditation etc.


Photo sourse- https://www.pexels.com/photo/teacher-teaching-his-students-5212342/


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