Discover the beauty of English poetry: Shakespeare, Milton and Blake

This is a short seminar series about English poetry. It will focus on Shakespeare, Milton and Blake, but will also involve a parallel exploration of sonnets by various poets. Participants will have the opportunity to read four sonnets for each seminar, and will, on an entirely voluntary basis, have [...]

How to deal with conflict by learning relational mediation skills

This is a course in English, so being fluent in English is a must, if you want to attend it.  Conflict makes us feel stuck.  We can’t believe that the other person is behaving this way and we’re frustrated that nothing we do or say seems to help. Being in a state of conflict affects both [...]

Introducere în istoria artei: Antichitate, Renaştere, Modernitate, din 19 Septembrie 2019

Vă propunem un curs fascinant de istoria artei, cu Cosmin Ungureanu, o călătorie în mai bine de două milenii din cronologia artei europene, folosind instrumentele și rigoarea disciplinei umaniste. Încercând să păstreze un echilibru cât mai stabil între popularizare și informație [...]