Painting workshop for beginners

This is an introductory course concerned with learning the principle aspects of painting. It will provide a sound foundation for those who are interested in starting to paint. Since drawing and painting are interdependent we shall also cover the formal basics of line and tone.

I firmly believe that anyone can learn to paint as long as they have the interest to do so. Contrary to popular belief, the basics of Painting and Drawing are in fact rather easy to convey and understand, after which it is all simply a matter of practise.

The course has been designed to be approachable, enjoyable and measured. It will give you the basic knowledge and experience needed to continue on your own. In the three sessions we shall experience paint handling and drawing with dry materials. We shall also look at all aspects of pigment colour theory, including mixing the full range of colours needed for a painting.

Finally we will put these exercises into practice, by making a painting based on the student’s choice of a 20th Century Romanian painting, thereby understanding how all the formal concerns are connected.

Here is what will happen at our three meetings:

1. Experiencing line and tone using paint and dry materials. Undertaking an initial painting exercise concerning paint consistency and the relationship between opaqueness and translucency. Understanding structure and volume, using Acrylic paint. We`ll also have a drawing exercise understanding structure and volume, using charcoal.

2. Producing a colour wheel with which to experience and understand all aspects of pigment colour theory, including the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colours and how to mix the organic hues (earth and flesh tones).

3. Create your painting. Each student will select a reproduction of a 20th century Romanian painting from which to work from; making an initial colour study then a larger more worked version.

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