How to create a Logo for a brand

Successful logos crystallise the identity of an organisation or business with impact, and can be images, abstract patterns, words or any combination of these.

In this course, participants will create a logo of their own. It may be for a new venture, or may rework an existing one. The course is mainly practical, but requires no previous art, design or software training. It calls instead for an open, fresh approach and a willingness to experiment.

Logos and slogans are everywhere as branding becomes part of our lifestyles and lifestyles get branded. This course is for those interested in design and visual communication, as well as those interested in setting up their own businesses and creating/ commissioning a presence for their enterprise, whether that be web – or print-based or indeed simply a one-off identity, such as that on a shop or car, for example.

As more and more of us are becoming computer-savvy, and as more and more logos are
obtainable from off-the-peg sources, and as more and more of us are interested in setting up our own businesses, the importance of successfully managing a logo cannot be overstated.

Each session begins with a short presentation framing the practical work that follows.

The five session outlines are:

1. Explaining logos and symbols

2. Line and form

3. Colour and materials

4. Simplicity and meaning

5. Experiments and the unexpected

Practical sessions will help participants to explore a variety of materials and techniques, such as drawing, erasing and collage, to produce a memorable logo.


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