English Writing Workshop: Take Your Poetry to the Next Level

A course with American poet and public speaker, Tara Skurtu

In this 6-session English poetry course, you will write, revise, and edit poems that tell stories and capture clear moments of transformation. I will lead weekly workshops to discuss your drafts and guide you through the revision and editing process. We will go over your writing aloud and comprehensively, and I will give constructive critiques to help your poems become as clear and effective as possible. In a fun and relaxed environment, you will gain awareness of your writing patterns and habits, learn how to write stronger drafts, and gain tips and tricks for your craft toolkit. You’ll leave this course much more confident about putting your work ”out there.”

1. Address writing fears and build confidence:

What if it’s not good enough? What if I can’t find the right words? What if no one likes it? We will address these universal fears, and I will give you creative exercises to get you writing without thinking what if.

2. Read to write:

We will analyze and discuss modern and contemporary English poetry throughout this course. Becoming a better reader will help you become a better writer and editor.

3. Turn memories into poems:

Personal memory has all the elements of story—setting, images, action, characters, dialogue, conflict, senses, feelings—and you will use it in your poems.

Here is what we’ll do to each session:

Session 1: What is a poem anyway?

We will talk about verse and prose, and how a poem, as a form of storytelling, can be both. I will guide you through the process of crafting a personal experience into an honest draft that conveys emotion without using any emotion words.

Sessions 2-6: Workshopping your poems

You will become peer readers and editors. Weekly, each of you will bring in copies of a typed poem, and we will have lively conversations and make suggestions for the next draft.

*This is a writing course in English, so your oral and written comprehension should be at a high level.

*Professional writing experience or a history of publication is not necessary to take this course.

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