Effective Communication in English

We often ask ourselves why our message was misunderstood, how to properly communicate to get the desired outcome, and what to say to be closer to solving problems. Effective Communication in English workshop explores a sum of NLP principles and techniques which are proven to help you improve your communication both in business and in everyday life.


In this interactive workshop in English you will learn:

  • which communication skills are essential for both your career and your everyday life,
  • how to express your thoughts with clarity and coherence,
  • techniques to focus on and get to the desired outcome,
  • how to use feedback as learning tool for you and for the others,
  • how to have greater confidence when speaking English.


The workshop language is English.

This workshop mixes theoretical aspects with practical exercises, including case studies and role-playing.


1. Questions and language patterns. How to manage your dialogue with others and with yourself for the best communication results

The first meeting is dedicated to identifying language patterns: how they help us understand what we are told and what we tell the others, and also how these patterns could limit our perception of the world around us. We will use David Grove’s concept of “clean language” to find out ways of enriching our communication in various contexts.

2. Problems or solutions. Use language structures to shape the desired outcomes

In the second meeting we will explore several criteria for setting objectives and well-formed outcomes, as well as the advantages of outcome thinking. We will also identify the differences between problem thinking and outcome thinking, in both everyday life and business situations.

3. Active listening and feedback. Steer your beliefs towards progress and excellence

The thirds workshop deals with how to really listen – or how to actively listen (not only hear) the messages in order to be able to grasp the real meaning and respond accordingly. We will also focus on beliefs: how to avoid the self-limiting beliefs and how to find more resources with self-fulfilling ones. Communication is often about giving and receiving feedback, therefore we will approach it as a tool for learning and progress.

photo: unsplash.com


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