Creative Writing Workshop in English – How to write a short story (5-9th August)

Classes will take place daily: Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of August, from 19.00 to 21.00.

This is a Creative Writing course in English, so knowing English at a high level is a must, if you want to attend it. The course will take place over seven in-person sessions and its final goal will be the publication on Amazon Kindle of a collection of short stories, with one story by each of the participants.

I have vast experience of writing and self-publishing on Amazon, both in the Kindle and paperback formats.

The sessions will cover the following topics:

1. Why We Write: You can’t accomplish such a momentous project without enough motivation to keep you going on the long term. So in this session we will each discuss our personal motivations for writing, and additionally I will draw a map of the self-publishing landscape available through Amazon and other providers.

2. Structure and characters: the outline and origins of the Hero’s Journey writing model, and examples from movies and novels; the Snowflake Method and how to implement it.

3. Planning a Short Story: here we will plan a complete short story together using the techniques learnt in the previous session. Homework: plan your own short story.

4. Writing your short story: in this session we will each share and discuss our plan for our short story. Then we will talk about how to flesh out the structure to create the story itself.

5. Editing Your Short Story: Show-don’t-tell and other principles of creative writing are here used as standards for the effective editing of your short story. Homework: edit your story. 

If you want to attend this workshop, high level of English is a must.


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