Acting Classes for Teens (ages 14-18) (2-6 August)

Hi! My name is Elena Dincă, I’m 22 and I graduated from the University of Greenwich, in London, where I studied Drama. Come join me on an acting course that will help you learn and play with performance practices while tightening up your English skills.

Through performance-based exercises and games, we will focus on your self-expression, your ability to relate to others spontaneously and creatively, your ability to focus and connect to the present moment and your capacity to freely access and enjoy your imagination.

Each session will include voice work , as well as a number of play-based exercises that will help us explore the fundamentals of physical theatre, character work, acting with written material, improvisation, the acting techniques and performance practices of various theatre directors, ranging from Peter Brook to Katie Mitchell.

This acting course also includes a practical introduction to Augusto Boal’s forum theatre; initially conceptualized as a way of fighting social and political oppression, it has been transposed and adapted to various settings across the Globe – for example, many times it has been succesfully used in schools to help children understand and manage the phenomenon of bullying. Forum theatre can have a big impact on its audience and can be a valuable resource for anyone.

This course encourages you to use your body, your voice, your personality to find the way you like to approach acting!

The course is aiming to provide an enjoyable, useful and informative experience, as well as some perspective on the larger world of performing for anyone interested in acting.

To participate, make sure that you’re comfortable working in English (the equivalent of B2 or higher is preferred!)

Foto: Anna Shvets, Pexels


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